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Meet the Team


We are a mother-daughter team who are truly passionate about the art of chocolate making. Shocolaate (Show-ko-latt) specializes in unique, freshly made truffles and chocolate treats. We use the highest quality CACAO BARRY chocolate to ensure a smooth texture and sensational taste, producing delectable, elegant chocolates for any occasion. CACAO BARRY is renowned for its vision of the chocolate-maker’s craft as an art form leading to the production and sale of the finest grade chocolate in the world. I never want to mask the chocolate's true essence, instead I try to compliment the chocolate's finer notes when creating the confections.


Cristina Vives our Chocolatier and Diana Pace our Creative Designer have

mastered the Shocolaate art of handmade chocolates. Rich Belgian chocolate is melted down into a smooth consistency. Heavy cream is added and liqueur upon your request, to make the ganache in our truffles tastes its best! Once the rich ganache is set, we hand-roll the truffles, and dip them into even more chocolate, creating a lovely shell around the ganache. Our truffles then start to take on their unique personalities as they are covered in chocolate shavings, cocoa or nuts and decorated with pearls and other lovely adornments. Sweet symphonies of chocolate fused with favorite crunches, these treats are available by the singles or bunches! Shocolaate…a celebration in taste, artistry and etiquette!